5 Insane Things That Drunk People Do

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When the alcohol takes over, people can often do crazy things. Some people are able to control themselves. However, others are not able to stop themselves, and wake up the next morning realizing that they have either embarrassed themselves or caused a serious problem in their lives. This is all because of a couple of drinks. There are people who simply just get out of control after having two drinks, and decide that they have to avoid alcohol altogether because of the situations that they create as a result of this drunken state.


Here are some of the crazy things that drunk people have done in the past


  • They go out to a party or out to a dinner where they are with business associates. They have a couple of drinks where they become out of control. They may become extremely emotional. This can especially be embarrassing when they are with people that they don’t know. They may start to talk about their life history. It can be particularly embarrassing when they begin to sob uncontrollably about their life. Going to work the next day can be a nightmare.


  • When you are drunk, you start to think about your life and how you could fix certain things. You usually have more courage when you are drunk. You may call certain people that you have not spoken to in a long time and pour your heart out. You may post something on social media which can be very embarrassing. This is not something that you would normally do when you are in a sober state. It is more embarrassing because all of your friends will see this.


  • Something on the spur of the moment; When you are sober, you tend to think things through. However, when you are drunk, you don’t have this kind of logic. Someone can twist your arm into having a tattoo or a body piercing which is permanent. You will wake up the next morning with this not knowing what happened the night before.


  • Adventure; People want to have fun when they are drunk. They tend to let their hair down. For some people, it can mean just going a little wild on the dance floor. However, others will begin climbing up buildings or trees. Your sense of judgement is not good and this can lead to accidents. You may find yourself in a hospital the next morning and wonder how you got there.


  • Rage; Even for the most laid back and placid person, their personality can change when they become drunk. They may find themselves getting into arguments and fights. Once again, they have more courage. In a sober state, the person tends to hold back, but in this sort of the state the individual will lash out.


These are just a few of the things that can impact people when they are drunk. Drinking can be a lot of fun and some of the best stories can come from it, but some of the worst can too. So know what kind of drunk you are and always be aware of your limits in order to make sure the stories you come away with are the fun kind and not the tragic kind.

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